Effortlessly manage your client's total picture with Empire

Why Choose Empire Manager?

Know Your Client

Deepen your client relationship by uncovering their true net worth and helping them visualize complex portfolios.

Work Together, Effortlessly

Working alongside clients and their team of trusted advisors is now easier and more effective.

A Smarter Dropbox

Empire connects everything. Link assets, liabilities, documents, contacts, notes and dates - all of them in the cloud.

Empower Your Client

With Empire’s visually compelling, transparent, secure and intuitive interface, your client can log in at their convenience to view their complex holdings, find important documents and contacts, upload photos of new purchases, and participate in managing their portfolio. It’s all at their fingertips.

Track Assets & Liabilities

From watches to Warhols, mutual funds to Maseratis: Track anything you can think of. Any type of physical asset or financial instrument is covered.

Total Wealth Management

From physical assets to financial instruments, daily cash flow to other investments, track every facet of your client's true wealth and Net Worth.

Document and Contact Management

With Empire, important documents and contacts are seamlessly integrated.

Store important tax and estate planning documents so they may be reviewed by your advisor and maintain personal and health documents to be accessed by your loved ones.

Interactive, Elegant Reporting

The foundation of Empire is its reporting function. Within seconds, it’s possible to generate a report that drills down into any subset of information. Need a report on all automobiles? Empire does that. Need to pull together info on all financial accounts from last quarter? Empire does that too. Information is beautifully combined into simple, interactive reports that can be shared digitally or printed.

Risk Management

Utilize specialized forms to facilitate the best risk management practices and offer an appropriate set of policies.

Available on Desktop and Mobile

You're on the go. Empire Manager has a native iOS app to let you manage your Empire wherever you may be. And coming soon, Empire Manager Android!

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